My Name is Sam Cohen, hair loss and hair replacement consultant for more
than 40 years
. With my "Intellectual Property" and Hygeine Products added, I have helped many men, women and children re-grow their hair. Helped hair and scalp problems, such as, itchy scalp, dry or oily hair, etc.

Innovated and custom designed the most versatile and natural looking "hairpieces".

With my knowledge and practical experience, I can also achieve great results for you, provided you act soon, because the DHT affected dormant hair roots could die within 4 years.

My Answer To Jonar Nader

I wish to thank all my loyal customers for your support over many years. I also wish to invite and help new customers.


However, I wish to inform everyone about the battle I have been having with Jonar Nader's fabrictaed, vexatious and villifying allegations.

For over 4 years, Jonar Nader, along with 3 or 4 of his followers and a few other major Hair Regrowth Organisations, have incessantly embarked on a mission to character assassinate my company and me personally. They have fabricated numerous complaints to various government authorities to "shut my company down".

Please read the attachment, "My Answer To Jonar Nader's fabrications".

Even though 'cosmetic products' are generally, not treatments for 'Hair Re-growth', most organisations will have you spending thousands of dollars with recurring cost for these ineffective and unnecessary cosmetic products, office treatments, mineral hair analysis, lasers, etc. An important part of their guarantee is that you attend their premises on a regular basis to enable them to keep a grip on you and your money. Not so with IHRB, you pay far less and it can be conducted in the privacy, convenience and comfort of your own home. Further, those who do not or are not able to visit our clinic, need not worry. We will send you a questionnaire with all the relevant information and instructions explaining the cause and how the program works. Free ongoing advice is also included with all our programs.

Sam Cohen
Managing Director
Mob - 0414 764 185



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